Sleep Spray

Fall Asleep Naturally, Stay Asleep Longer, and Wake Up Refreshed

Sleep Spray


 For a deeper, more restorative sleep

 Rich in Gaba, Valerian Root & Melatonin

 Wake Refreshed, Energized, Ready to go

 Natural active ingredients

 Made in USA

Price: SGD 29.90


How Sleep Spray Can Benefit You?

Sleep is an important aspect of life. If you do not get enough and quality sleep at the right time, you will experience a negative impact in your daily life. You might miss fulfilling your goals or worse still suffer serious health problems. As a result, your lifespan and general health are endangered if you do not sleep well. Using a sleep spray can help you attain better sleep every day so that you can be more productive and happy.

The causes of lack of sleep might be many. However, all you need is just one simple solution to induce sleep so that you can have a good rest and overcome the problems. Whenever your mind is disturbed for whatever cause, the brains will be in a stressed state. The same will prevent it from producing the necessary and essential hormones that are necessary for the good health and functioning of the body.

One of the hormones that you will miss when you are mentally disturbed is the Melatonin hormone. The same is vital in making you fall asleep. When you cannot sleep, you need an alternative to getting the hormone into your brain so that you can rest easily. It is for this purpose that we have the sleep spray. It acts as a backup of the Melatonin hormone to help you fall asleep at the right time.


Who Needs the Sleep Spray?

As I have explained above, this product is meant to help one to gain a regular and peaceful sleep. If you happen to be one of them that lack quality sleep on a daily basis, you might be in need of the same. The causes for the lack of sleep might vary from an individual to another. However, the moment you induce the melatonin hormone, the body will accept the plea and the need to sleep.

For those who have been experiencing irregular sleep that would sometimes come to an end abruptly, you must have found out that it is hard to go back to sleep for a long time. When you do not get enough quality sleep at night, you will definitely be less productive in the day since your body will not be functioning normally.


Why the Sleep Spray?

When you want to maintain your health and performance, you need to get the best product that can help you get through. The sleep spray is made with your health, alertness, and performance in mind. This product is free from any drug. Here are the key features that will make you admire it:

1. Fast Action: When you use the sleep spray, you will fall asleep quickly and get enough time for quality sleep.

2. Non-addictive: You can use this product wherever you want and avoid it if you do not want. There are no withdrawal effects when using the same.

3. No Pills: With just a spray, there is nothing to fear whenever you want to sleep. Just spray in your mouth or drink and you are ready to sleep.

4. Holistic Ingredients: There is nothing to fear about using the product. Everything is tested to work in improving the state of your mind.

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